Route One Glass

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGlass lets the light into your home, shows off your business and makes your home’s interior look and feel modern and bright. With glass in your residence or business you can bring the world in or just gaze out at the surrounding scenery, a lively  panoramic picture

One way to make your home beautiful, lavish and, better functioning is by installing glass inside the home. Enclosing your shower in glass is one way to create an environment that’s not only light and bright, but practical too. Glass creates an environment that keeps the moisture and heat in and mold and mildew out. Glass and tile can make your bathroom sparkle. Just what kind of glass to use and how to design your shower with glass can be a bit complicated with abundant choices, but coming to the experts at Route One Glass, who will help you with those choices, isn’t.

We make glass easy.

Look beyond your shower to the rest of your home. Glass can put sparkle into the decor in every room in the house from the railings on your balcony to a sleek dining room table top, glass brightens the home in so many ways. And of course, every home has windows–many windows. With heating costs as high as they are, you want to make sure your windows are in tip-top shape and efficient. We’re specialists in insulated glass installation and replacement, storm windows and screens and so much more.

We make glass easy in every room in or outside of your home.

If you have a small business, showing off what’s inside and making a good impression on your customers is vital. Accentuate your business with glass accents, desks and tabletops. Also consider the exterior doors and windows designed not just for elegance but, efficiency. At Route One Glass, we know how important it is for small business owners to both attract business and save on heating and cooling to be successful and for you, we have solutions that will help.

We make glass easy for business owners, too.

Whether you need glass for your shower, decor, or home exterior; glass to show off your business and make it more efficient; or glass for your auto; we make glass easy at Route One Glass. Call us to fill all of your glass needs for your home or business!